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Works at basic level technique of wire forming as well as ready to accept the challenges of changing needs of the industry. Our major focus is on keeping up with the human imagination and perpetual search for lower costs from increased speeds, shorter part setups and change over time with larger production ranges. Stability and extreme bending freedom including butt welding, threading, piercing, punching, chamfring, swaging with advanced technology is our main motto. We specialised in CNC multiple head machines that are used in latest servo technology and motion controls. We use high performance computers for Man – Machine – Interfaces and machine controls which are equipped with easy to use software programs for product design, machine setup, operation and data collection.

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Revolution is by its nature disruptive, and Industry 4.0 is no different from its predecessors.

Industry 1.0

The introduction of steam and water power replaced traditional sources such as human and animal with mechanical Machines.

This process began the industrialisation and provided the foundations for the second Industrial Revolution.

Industry 2.0

The introduction of electrical energy created the foundations for mass production.

The implementation of this technology created the division between higher performing machined production and human Labour.

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Industry 3.0

Through the use of electronic and IT systems the 3rd Industrial Revolution pathed the way for automation in the production process.

Industry 4.0

The 4th industrial revolution is the coming together of cyber and physical networks with the goal to create truly Autonomous systems.