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Banking on our enriched industry experience ROBO CONNECT believe in innovations of forming of wires and tubes.

Robo Connect works at basic level technique of wire forming as well as ready to accept the challenges of changing needs of the industry. Our major focus is on keeping up with the human imagination and perpetual search for lower costs from increased speeds, shorter part setups and change over time with larger production ranges. Stability and extreme bending freedom including butt welding, threading, piercing, punching, chamfring, swaging with advanced technology is our main motto. We specialised in CNC multiple head machines that are used in latest servo technology and motion controls. We use high performance computers for Man – Machine – Interfaces and machine controls which are equipped with easy to use software programs for product design, machine setup, operation and data collection. We strive to provide machines that are equipped with remote diagnosis via telephone line or Internet connection or even made ready for video conferences at the MMI.



With the help of dexterous team members,we work on machines that you will require depends on the applications.

  • How complex is the part?

  • How many will be made in a batch?

  • How many different parts will be made on the machine?

  • How precise does the part need to be?

Answer to these questions will guide us to the type of machines that are best suited for you. ROBO CONNECT expertise in these aspects of wire forming and always ready to improve and expand it to higher levels…..

  • Machines with upto 12 bending positions and planning for upto 30 bending positions.

  • Real time simulation and rendering.

  • Higher production combined with lower prices.

  • Wire and tube forming on same machine.

  • Built in QC devices to find optimum bend speeds.

  • Multiple line forming.

  • Online diagnosis system.

  • Colour touch screen for setup and operation.

  • Positive and negative bends simultaneously.

  • Fast tool changes.

  • Increased bending rate -thousand of degrees/per second.

  • Heavy use of servo drives.

  • Modular construction.

  • Capacity to produce larger components.

  • Multifunctional and combined operations.